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Below are a few tips for garage door safety and maintenance
from the International Door Association (IDA).

Applying Oil to Chain of Garage Door

Door Operators Are Not Toys

Do not allow children to play with the garage door or the opener. If a child is playing with the opener inside the home or inside the car unknown hazards may be present such as a pet, person or vehicle. The openers should be stored out of the reach of children.


Have Regular Maintenance

Maintenance is important for both automatic and manual doors. Not only will it help prevent injury it will also help with the upkeep of the door and you can catch possible costly repairs ahead of time!

Garage Door Are Not Toys

Do not let children play around the garage door. Make sure a good distance is in place between anyone and the opening and closing of your garage door. Do not walk under a moving door. Be sure to always know where the emergency release is, just in case someone gets trapped under the door.

Remote Control for Garage Door

Prevent Injury!

Simple regular maintenance can be a key factor in preventing injuries.

Be sure to actively inspect all working parts of your overhead door on a monthly basis.

Make sure there are no object around the door or its parts that could cause the door to malfunction.



Garage Door Opener:

Make sure your door has a reversal option. Your door should be able to stop at any point in the close/open process and go the opposite way.

Garage Door:

Close the door and use the release mechanism. You should be able to operate the automatic door manually if working properly. It should open and close easily and be able to maintain an open position without assistance.

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