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The cable is an important piece of equipment that ensures smooth and efficient operation of your garage door. These cables are typically attached from the drum - located near the top of the door to the bottom section of the door. These cables hold the door’s weight as the door moves up and down during operation. When a cable breaks, your door becomes inoperable and needs to be repaired in order for it to function properly again.

Please Note: Garage door cables can be a very dangerous part of the door to replace or repair. The cables are under incredible amounts of tension, and therefore must be handled with care by a trained professional.

For safety reasons, we highly recommend that when faced with a broken cable, you contact American Door Co. of Wausau. Our greatly trained and skilled technicians will examine and assess the issue, then take the necessary steps to have your door operating again. We will do it as efficiently and effectively as possible - saving you time and money!

Next time you are faced with a broken garage door cable, trust your repairs to the industry leader at American Door Co. of Wausau. Give our team of professionals a call today!


Cable Replacment

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