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Garage Door Opener Repair

Because there are a plethora of mechanical parts within a garage door opener, the likelihood of failure throughout the lifespan on the unit is likely with extended use. If you need a garage door opener inspected and repaired, We can get you back up and running in no time!


Battery Failure

Battery trouble is one of the most common causes of garage door opener malfunction. When the battery fails in the unit, it will likely fail at the wall button as well. Checking your battery levels periodically can ensure proper operation.


Sensor Misalignment

When the sensors on a garage door become misaligned, the garage door will fail to close. These sensors require a direct line of sight between them to ensure proper and safe operation. Checking to make sure these sensors are not misaligned can help remedy and problems that may be run into.


Autonomous Operation

When a garage door opens and closes on its own, the transmitter is most often the blame. Frequency issues or wrongfully pressed transmitters can make the garage door function in this way. If a neighbor has the same frequency band on their transmitter, it’s possible it could be opening and closing at the same time due to interference.


Runs without Opening

To allow for manual operation when needed, garage doors are equipped with a disconnect switch. This ensures that in the event of power failure the owner can still open their garage door. This switch is prone to getting triggered as it’s attached to a rope or knob on the operator.


Broken Springs

Torsion springs are utilized to assist in leveraging and balancing the intense weight of a garage door to allow smooth operation. When one of these springs breaks, the door will become immobile. Springs can be very dangerous to replace. We recommend calling for professional service is the best option to ensure safety and proper installation.


Track Alignment

Track alignment issues is usually caused by intense force or wear-and-tear. When the tracking loses its alignment, the operation of the garage door can become dangerous. It is important to seek professional service for a job of this magnitude.


Door Operator Services

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