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American Door Co. of Wausau offers expert service for garage door spring repair & replacement. We replace broken torsion springs and extension springs on residential, commercial, and industrial sectional, rolling steel, and one-piece curtain doors and more.

Please note: Springs should never be adjusted or repaired by individuals who are not properly trained to perform this task and may not have the proper tools. Continuing to operate your door with a broken spring is very dangerous and can cause additional damage to the garage door and electric opener systems.

A spring replacement is one of the most common repairs on garage doors. These springs come in many sizes and act as a balance. Springs are lifting over 90% of the garage door's weight. This allows the door to easily open and close manually or with the assistance of an opener.

Our team knowledgeable technicians have the industries best experience replacing broken springs on any garage door. Please keep in mind - Replacing a garage door spring can be very dangerous. We encourage you to contact us to handle this repair today! If you have a high cycle application, our expect service team may be able to provide extended use high cycle springs.


Spring Replacement

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